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employee files

We are in the process of updating all of our employee paperwork and files as required by local, state, and federal laws. As such, all staff will be required to complete and submit new copies of all required documentation as well as identification and any applicable licenses. THIS IS NOT OPTIONAL. We are giving everyone the entire month of November to get this done. Please do not delay.


Nick Manfredi is taking the lead on assembling these files. If you don’t already know Nick, he is one of our FOH Leads at the Lincoln store. Nick is generally available at Lincoln on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 11am-5pm and you may visit him there during these times to submit your paperwork, present your Identification document(s) for physical inspection and photocopy, and to receive assistance in completing any portion of your forms that you do not understand. It would be best to call or email Nick ahead of time to confirm that he will be available. 

where to find nick:

4343 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago, IL  60618

Typical Hours: Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 11am-5pm

Lincoln Store Phone: 773-424-2875


forms to complete

You need to do all 3 of these. On the Federal I-9, please complete page one ONLY. Do not do page two. We do that here in person when you bring in the ID. Please see instructions for details.

identification requirements

Please review the Identification requirements and list of approved documents attached to the Federal I-9 form. You will be required to provide adequate ID to complete your file. Generally speaking, for anyone who was born in the U.S., a valid Driver’s License or State ID and a valid Social Security Card will be sufficient. As well, if you have a valid U.S. Issued Passport, you may supply this instead which will cover all ID requirements within itself.


You MUST bring in original documents / IDs for inspection. Photocopies will not be allowed. We will inspect your actual documents / IDs in person, make a copy for our files, and hand the documents back to you. 

licenses and certifications

BASSET Certification (responsible alcohol service)

Required for all servers, bartenders, and any other staff who serve alcohol to customers as a part of their job.

Here is a link to the IL Rest Assoc. which contains a link to ServSafe and a discount code to do BASSET online:


Food Handler’s Certificate

Required for ALL staff including catering drivers. Only drivers who are independent contractors (day/night del shifts only) are exempt.

Here is a link to a website which lists all the approved providers for this online course.


Food Allergen Certification

Required for all staff who currently hold a Food MANAGER Certificate. If you don’t know what this is, you probably don’t have one. Ask Carlos or Juan if you’re unclear.

Please email these docs to HR@PASTABOWL.COM or bring them to Nick @ Lincoln when you have them

employee handbook

All staff are must read and sign off on our Employee Handbook. We have this set up to be done entirely thru the Jolt iPad (must be the in-store iPad, cannot use phones) at all 3 locations.


There are some specific policies included in this handbook for which the State of Illinois and City of Chicago are requiring that we show documentation of your acknowledgment and understanding on. Aside from these, there is a lot of other important info that it would be great for us all to be on the same page about. 


Managers will be making the rounds over the coming weeks to ensure that you’ve all had a chance to do this. This can easily be knocked out in 30-45 min or so. You can do it during downtime on your shift, or you can come in early / stay late to do it if you’d prefer. You may also do this at Lincoln from the store iPad at that location if you'd like.

last bits

Please… Do not come to Lincoln and take up Nick’s time unless you’re ready to be productive. If you have questions, thats fine. Complete what you can and come prepared to ask specific questions. Do not bring your forms without your ID. Do not bring the wrong forms of ID. Do not leave half of your forms at home. Come prepared. 


Guys, as much as you may hate dealing with this, we hate it 95 times more -- because thats how many people we have to do this for. I know its a pain in the ass, but thats life. Lets get it done and move on as quickly as possible. Thanks all!