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The Pasta Bowl & The Other Side BAr

2434 N Clark St.  -  Chicago, IL  60614



What's included in the open bar?

All draft beer, select wine by the glass, and all basic mixed drinks (Makers and diet, Tito's and tonic, etc). There will also be a few special NYE cocktails included as well. Shots and bottled beers are not included.

What if one of my friends doesn't drink?

Sweet! Can she  babysit?

What's included in the food buffet?

Favorites from both The Pasta Bowl menu and The Other Side Bar menu. Pastas, pizzas, wings, cheese curds, hummus and veggies,   appetizers, etc.

NYE is supposed to be overpriced. This is cheap. What's the catch??

Ah, you got us.  The catch is, if you come here you don't get to hang out in River North with a bunch of jerks.

Do I pay now?

No. All you need to do is reserve your tix with a credit card.  We will not charge you anything until you arrive  at the party. You and your friends can all pay separately if you like. 

What if I need more / less tix than I thought? Or if I want to cancel?

You have until the end of day on 12/27  to figure all that out. I am going to call everyone on the reservation list on Friday 12/28 to get a final headcount confirmed for each group. After this point, any  no-shows or cancellations are subject to the cancellation policy. 

Ok, so what's the cancellation policy?

Confirmed reservations will be charged 50% for any no-shows. Now, I know what you're thinking. "Hey, I found a loophole. I just won't answer the phone when he calls to confirm." Sorry. That only works when your car is parked half across the sidewalk form last night and you just don't answer the door when the cops come to ask about it.   Un-confirmed resos will be given up to people on  the  waiting list. There's always a waiting list. 

Are tips and taxes included?

No. But if you don't want to carry a bunch of cash you will have the opportunity to add tip to your card in advance when you arrive.